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Pack with me: Holiday Footwear

Hello everyone – in preparation for my summer holiday in a couple of weeks time, I thought I’d start a pack with me series, with each post focussing on a different aspect of what I’m taking with me for a week in the sun. My aim is to be super minimal for this holiday – I always take far too much on holiday – and half the stuff I take doesn’t see the light of day. This year I’ve taken the time to really think about what I need, and more importantly, what I don’t. So, let’s start this series with footwear.
I don’t think I’ve ever been brave enough to only take three pairs of shoes like this – but thinking about it realistically, I don’t feel the need to be taking any more. Two comfy, versatile and stylish shoes alongside the essentials of flip flops is all I need.

Clarks Black Leather Sandals: These sandals are incredibly comfy, and so versatile. To make my packing even lighter, I’ve decided to fly in these sandals meaning all I have to pack in my case is the other pair of sandals and flip flops. These sandals are comfortable enough to walk around in and wear for a day outing – but also stylish enough to dress up for a night time look.

Clarks White/Silver Sandals: A white dressier sandal is an absolute must for me for taking on holiday – I’ve recently put aside my previous pair to get rid of due to being so uncomfortable but these make a perfect replacement and are nothing less than comfy to wear. I really like that these have a higher heel – perfect for evenings. Also, the strap around the ankle is even better for me having narrow feet and gives more support for my feet.

Sainsbury’s TU flip flops: flip flops are of course a must whether its for quickly popping somewhere, for around the pool, or for walking a long the beach. These ones from Sainsbury’s are comfortable, and nice and sturdy – plus the silver detailing matches perfectly with my colour scheme.

What footwear do you take for holiday in the sun?

Shelley x


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