Review: Bondi Sands Gradual Tanning Milk

Hello everyone – it’s time for another beauty review, and today I’m putting the spotlight on the Bondi Sands gradual tanning milk (shade light/medium). In preparation for my summer holiday I’ve been on the hunt for a fake tan to help boost my summer glow, but with me being fair skinned, in my past experience I’ve found gradual tans to work best for me and give me a much more natural glow. After a few searches, I became drawn to Bondi sands so I decided to give their gradual tanning milk a try. So, what do I think of it?


Application – I found this nice and easy to apply – I applied it with a tanning mitt to ensure I didn’t end up with any colour on the palm of my hands, applying it in circular motion to ensure it went on evenly. As with most gradual tanners I found this moisturising, and it easily absorbed into my skin. After only around 2 minutes my skin was dry and I could get dressed. 

Smell – When applying the Bondi sands gradual tanning milk it gives off a strong cocoa-butter scent which I absolutely love. However, after a couple of hours the usual biscuit-like smell of fake tan did come on, however it’s much more subtle than other fake tan smells I’ve experienced before, and the smell of cocoa-butter still powers through – so I definitely don’t find it unpleasant, if anything the opposite. 

Results – I’m impressed with the results – it hasn’t left an intensively dark colour which is good – so I’d recommend this for fair skinned people or people who are new to self tanning. I applied this on dry, moisturised skin – and because the product is moisturising on top of that I’ve found because of this combination I’ve got no horrible patches, or streaks. I think it looks even, natural, and glowy which is exactly what I wanted.  It is recommended that you apply this daily, but I think I will less frequently, possible twice or three times a week – just because I just want a subtle glow. 

Which self tan do you use?

Shelley x


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