Three favourite Barrym pinks

Hello everyone – today I’m sharing with you three of my favourite pinks by BarryM – pink nails is something that isn’t always my cup of tea, but when I’m in the mood for it I love it. In spring and summer I always want to embrace wearing more colours. I’ve found these three BarryM polishes to be long lasting, they don’t chip easily, and a nice thick layer – even just one coat would be enough. So these are my favourite three…

1.  Coconut Infusion Nail Paint  – Shade Aloha 

2. Gelly Hi Shine – Shade Pink Punch

3. Nail Paint – Shade Ballerina

I love the quality of these nail polishes – there’s nothing worse than your nails chipping after a day – or even within the hour I’ve previously experienced, but these take at least a couple of days to start chipping in my experience anyway. The only thing I would fault them for is their long drying time – which is no issue if you’re having a nice pamper evening and have the time so spare, but for when I’m quickly painting them in a hurry to be somewhere it can be rather annoying. On the whole though, given that Barrym nail polishes are so affordable, and I find them to be long-lasting and definitely thick and pigmented I can forgive the longer drying time because they really do impress me.

Out of the three I’d say Ballerina is my favourite – the soft baby pink colour just fits me perfectly, and I find matches with so many things. The other two, despite me loving their brightness and liveliness, they don’t tend to go with as many outfits so I don’t wear them as often – but nevertheless, for spring and summer I love them and I always think this is the time of year you can really pull off extra bright nails. 

What are your favourite nail polishes?

Shelley x


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