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Hello everyone – it’s time for the last of my pack with me series, and since today is the day I go I thought it would be totally fitting to share with you what I’m taking with me in my flight bag. I’d say packing my flight bag is one of the most exciting parts about packing for me and it feels important to me – because these are the select few things I consider as my travelling essentials. So, let’s take a look inside…

My flight is only roughly 5 hours, so this isn’t a long haul flight and there definitely isn’t a need for me to be taking a lot. What I take with me for my flights are usually the same – my favourite forms of entertainment, and a few essentials.


The Bag: Marks and Spencer
I’ve been using this bag as my flight bag for three years now – it’s still in perfect condition and it’s still my top choice. It’s practical, stylish, and its colours match my holiday theme. It has various compartments inside, has more than enough room for all my necessities and any extra bits I pick up at the airport, and I love that it has a shoulder strap which can be unclipped/clipped on as well as handles making it easy to wear depending on which way suits you. I tend to go with the shoulder strap because I find it more comfortable – it’s just so easy to have it on my shoulder whilst wandering around, leaving my hands completely free.

iPhone, iPad, earphones and camera

Everyone Worth Knowing – Lauren Weisberger
Word search book
Plus I always, without fail, pick up a couple of magazines in the airport.

Travel wipes – Aldi Lacura
Vaseline – Rosey Lips

My flight beauty is of course very minimal – I don’t wear makeup to travel in, my hair will be tied back, and it’ll all be about comfort. However, I couldn’t be without some form of lip balm, and these travel wipes from Aldi are perfect for freshening up.


Both pairs of sunglasses are from Marks and Spencer Limited Edition. I absolutely love both – and since they take up next to no room I thought I may as well take both with me. Since I have a smaller head, sunglasses that fit me well are something I struggle to find – but these are incredibly flattering, the right size and certainly affordable. Each pair was under £20 whilst offering full UV protection.

The essentials:
My purse and my glasses case are both from Cath Kinston and I love them. I think the blue and white design is also perfect for holiday and I like that they slightly match each other.
Of course as well as this I’ll  have all the other essentials – boarding pass, passport etc.

What’s in your flight bag?

Shelley x


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