Review: Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

Skincare, it’s so important and completely unique to the individual. Skincare products aren’t something I feature enough of on my blog, but when I find a product that I like I feel inspired and passionate to share it – with all the previous issues I’ve had with acne and oily skin, since my skin has cleared I truly cherish products that benefit my skin and work well for me. So, what are my thoughts on the moisture surge?

Over recent years my skin has definitely become dryer. I used to have incredibly oily skin, and so I found moisturisers really uncomfortable to wear, but at the same time they were necessary, so I felt like I had limited options. But since my acne has shifted over the past couple of years and my skin has become much clearer, I’ve also notice a change in the moisture level of my skin. More and more I find myself reaching for something that will really hydrate and pack moisture into my skin. I’ve used various skincare products and makeup from Clinique previously, so I was rather excited to try their moisture surge extended thirst relief. 

This does exactly what the name highlights – it gives the skin instant hydration and feels so refreshing just like the feeling of drinking ice cold water on a hot day. I was curious about the gel consistency to it and I couldn’t anticipate how it would feel when applying, but it applies smoothly onto the skin and absorbed well. What I like is that it’s light weight and breathable – I can’t deal with anything that feels heavy on the skin whether it’s skincare or makeup – my skin just doesn’t agree with it. So, to find something with deep moisturising qualities without being heavy is, of course, going to be a winner in my eyes.

The moisture surge can be used as a daily moisturiser, as an added moisture boost you can add throughout the day or on top of makeup etc., or even as a 5 minute mask for a more intense treatment. I imagine to use it as a mask would be perfect for days when my skin is having an extra dry day, but given how quickly this hydrates my skin it’s perfect for on the daily.

I highly rate the Clinique moisture surge, and I’m also incredibly fond of the pretty baby pink packaging.

What do you think?
Shelley x


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