My Haircare Routine: Provoke Touch Of Silver

Hello everyone – I’m back with another blog post and I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things. Today I wanted to share with you my current shampoos and conditioner that I’m using now I’m back to being a blonde. I grew up blonde, and have been blonde for majority of my life, but in the last two years I’ve gone through phases of dying my hair brunette. But now I’m back to blonde and I’m so glad. I never regret choosing to change up my hair, because at the end of the day it grows, and I’m lucky that mine is in good condition, so I always think life’s too short not to change up your style when you feel like it.

The Provoke Touch of Silver range isn’t something new to me, I remember first trying it out about four years ago when I was going through the phase of wanting a silvery/white tint to my hair. It left good impressions back then, so when I went back blonde I knew it was what I wanted to help brighten my hair and keep my blonde looking fresh.

I wash my hair every other day – which to some people probably sounds like a lot, but for someone who used to have to wash their hair every single day because it needed it, this is a big improvement. As I’ve grown older my hair has become less greasy, so maybe as I continue into my 20’s it’ll carry on that path. But like I said, I’m lucky to have thick hair in good condition so I don’t worry so much about it. So, in terms of my routine with these shampoos, I wash my hair alternatively with the two – s one wash I’ll use the colour care shampoo, and then next two days later I’ll go in with the brightening shampoo – which means I’m using the brightening shampoo the recommended amount of once or twice a week.

The brightening shampoo is what really makes a difference in keeping my hair bright and vibrant – it has a strong purple pigment to it, so don’t be surprised when you’re washing your hair and there’s bright purple foam everywhere. The idea is is to wash your hair with it like normal, but leave it to work on your hair for 5 minutes before rinsing away. I then go in with the colour care conditioner. Sometimes my hair needs a more intensive treatment when it’s a little dry, but this isn’t often. When I think it needs more of a pick-me-up I use a hair mask such as the Phillip Kingsley elasticizer or the Provoke Touch of Slver intensive treatment conditioner.

All in all, I find the touch of silver range to be gentle on my hair, it keeps my hair smelling great, and helps my blonde looking bright. Not to mention that it’s totally affordable and easily accessible.

Shelley x


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