Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask

Hello everyone! Today I’m talking skincare, I can’t not share with you this absolute life saving product I came across recently – The Body Shop tea tree skin clearing clay mask. If you’ve got oily skin with occasional breakouts like myself, then this is something for you. Over the years I’ve tried most of of The Body Shop’s products in the tea tree range, but never a mask. And although I’m not currently using the full tea tree range, because personally I don’t feel my skin is in need of it how it is right now, this mask is perfect for a weekly treatment. So, what do I like about it?

Don’t be alarmed by the bright green colour, yes you do look a little strange with a bright green face but hey – it works wonders for my skin so it’s worth being green for 10 minutes a week. This mask aims to minimise breakouts when using it regularly, and I genuinely find that it helps calm and sooth my breakouts when I have them. The mask feels very cool, and slightly tingly, and just helps sooth my face when it’s feeling sore and clogged when my skins having a bad day. I’ve always found that tea tree really helps my breakouts, so this being a tea tree based mask works for me. I apply this one a week regardless of how my skin is, but twice if i’ve got a few spots lurking around.

Not only does it help sooth and minimise my breakouts, it’s also great for my oily skin. It helps absorb the oil, by absorbing that nasty excess sebum, which leaves my face feeling smooth and fresh without over drying. Given that I only use this once a week, twice tops my skin benefits from the treatment rather than it being over-drying.

At only £11, for something that is a nice weekly treatment and will last me a quite a while since I don’t use too much at a time – I can’t complain. You can shop the mask, and read more about it on The Body Shop’s website here

Have you tried the tea tree clay mask?

Shelley x


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