Managing Homesickness at University

Hello everyone! Gosh it feels like such a long time since I’ve sat and written a blog post – and that’s because it has been a long time. I won’t lie to you, being in my third year of university is eating away at my social life, and time for blogging. I’ve found that this term, more than ever, I’ve found it hard to get myself into a routine of managing my time strictly, and so my blog has taken a back seat. But I miss it, so I aim to try be more proactive, manage my time better, and get back into blogging. After all, from now to the new year is my favourite few months of the year, and provides plenty of blog post ideas! Today, with the theme of university I wanted to share my top five tips for managing homesickness. Homesickness always hits me the hardest at this time of the semester, when assignments are looming and my schedule is hectic and stressful.

1. Plan ahead you’re next visit home and stick it in your calendar – 
This really helps me – my countdown app is my saviour sometimes. I like to add in everything I have to look forward to, including visits home, and it is a daily reminder to me that I have things to look forward to, and that my next visit home to see my family isn’t really that far away. I also find that keeping my dates in a countdown motivates me more, if I know I’m going home for the weekend I’ll be much more focussed on getting all my work done for the week through the week so I can allow the weekend for family time, relaxing, and everything I love from a visit home.

2. Do the things that bring you comfort at home at university too – 
Don’t separate what you do at university and what you do at home – bring those home comforts with you. For me, one of the most comforting thing for me is a nice relaxing bath around once a week. When I was in my first year living in halls this wasn’t possible, but now I’m living in a flat with a bath this comfort helps. Also cooking food recipes, watching tv shows etc. that you would normally do at home helps me too.

3. Focus on your studies and keep busy – 
This is quite self explanatory and seems simple but it helps – don’t constantly think about your homesickness, instead, go see your friends, get stuck into your work, and keep yourself doing things that make you happy. Even on days where I’m not doing much or seeing anyone, if I feel down, I take myself out even if it’s just for half an hour to get a coffee.

4. Break your time down into manageable chunks –
I like to look at my time one week at a time – sometimes if I look at the bigger picture and fixate on how many weeks it is until I’m next going home can be counter-productive and make me feel worse. But, if I make plans and goals for each week at a time it helps me stay more positive and motivated.

5. Face time is life saver – 
Aren’t we lucky that technological advancements have allowed things like face-time, because it can be a total life saver. I try to speak to my parents pretty much every single day – even if it’s just for ten minutes, catching up with each other, or having someone to vent your emotions to helps me feel level-headed.

What are your tips for managing homesickness?

Thanks for reading,

Shelley x


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