My Current Favourite and Most Used Eye Makeup Products

Hello everyone – I hope you’re all well. I’ve sat myself down to write another blog post again today – I’ve finally got my inspiration back and I’m going with it. Today I thought I’d share with you my current favourite, and most used eye products, since I don’t think I’ve ever tailored a post to what eye products I use. When it comes to eyes I play it safe, nothing too heavy, nothing too adventurous.

Kiko volumeyes plus active mascara: black – This is my current go-to mascara, I find it great for lengthening and volumizing – even just one coat of this does the job. And at the price of £3.90 you honestly just can’t go wrong. That is what really draws me to Kiko as a brand, their products are amazing value for money, as well as good quality.

The Body Shop eye pencil: shade taupe – I’ve had this eye pencil in my makeup bag for such a long time now, it really is a keeper. I don’t go with a black eyeliner for on the daily, so this is what I reach for for daily, minimal makeup days. I find it natural, subtle and long lasting.

Rodial smokey eye pen: black Eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner: black – I alternate between these two eyeliners when I want to go for a more glam look – usually for a date, night out or special occasion. The rodial smokey eye pen applies so smoothly, and is great for blending out for a smokey look. I use the eyeko liner for when I want a more precise eyeline. I love how fine this eyeliner is, and it’s great at staying smudge-proof which is especially needed in winter as my eyes tend to water a lot in the cold breeze. You can read my full review of the eyeko liner here and my full review of the rodial smokey eye pen here.

Kiko smart eyeshadow: shade 02 Pearly Champagne – This shade is great for on a daily basis, or a quick simple eye look. When I’m going for just one shade I always seem to edge towards something bright with a shimmer which this is great for. This with some mascara and a little eyeliner is sometimes all I want. This is so shimmery and pigmented, I love it.

Bareminerals colour extravaganza eye palette – This eye palette is a-ma-zing! I love each and every shade, the packaging, and most of all, the fact that you can pop out each shade individually and select a mini 3 shade palette which is perfect for travelling, or in your hand bag for touch ups. The shades in my palette are: Shiver, Elixir, Mystify, Connoisseur, Fantasy, Pizzazz, Couture, Admire, Hard to Get, Chart Topper, Bewilder, and Stiletto. I find these so bendable, and nice and pigmented which ticks my two boxes.

What are your current favourite eye products?

Shelley x


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