My Current Favourite and Most Used Face Makeup Products

Hello everyone – I hope you’re well! Since my recent post on my current favourite and most used eye makeup products (here) went down such a treat, I thought I’d share the same for my favourite face makeup products. Finding face makeup that works well for me was something that took years – I’ve previously had many troubles with acne and still to this day I have oily skin, but these products are my holy grails that have worked well for me over a prolonged period.

Bareminerals prime time, Bareminerals spf15 original foundation and Bareminrals spf15 matte foundation – This combination is my most-used face combination – either using the original or the matte foundation with the prime time concealer. I find the original a little better for coverage, so I use that for days I have more blemishes, and the matte for longer days. But both are equally great, breathable, and easily buildable to reach your desired coverage. All you have to do is flick back at my beauty posts to see how many times I’ve mentioned these foundations on my blog – they’re just a perfect match for me and I can’t imagine them not in my makeup bag.

Marks and Spencer Autograph twist-up cheek highlighter: shade pearl: A good highlighter is something we all need for this time of year – it’s all about being festive, and glittery, so I love piling on the highlighter. I love how this one is a creamy consistency which makes it so easy to apply – and the fact that it twists-up almost like a large crayon just makes it super convenient.

Clinique anti-blemish solutions foundation – I love this foundation, it’s something I tried years ago, and fell back in love with recently. It’s nice and light weight with the promise of controlling oil levels, minimise the look of and unclog pores, and neutralise skin redness. I have oily skin so I have to be careful about what foundations I use, as a lot feel cakey and uncomfortable, but this is so breathable, is a good coverage, and lasts a full day. It’s a real favourite. 

Clinique airbrush concealer – This concealer is great for coverage, and compliments the anti-blemish solutions foundation so nicely. Again, it feels nice and light weight, and hides any blemishes perfectly. I love twist-up concealers like this, it means you’re only using what you need.

bareminerals rose radiance powder, bareminerals warmth powder – for warmth and blush these two powders are great. Just the tiniest bit of the warmth powder is enough to warm up and lightly bronze my face, and the rose radiance powder has that little bit of sparkle to give a nice, subtle glow to the cheeks.

What are your favourite face makeup products?

Shelley x


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