Two Oils I’m Loving For the Colder Weather

Hello everyone! I hope you’re well, and can I just say happy first of December! As much as I love costing up in thick coats, scarfs and faux fur, the major downside to the colder winter is dry skin and dry hair. Oils become part of my daily routine in the Autumn and Winter, so I thought I’d Share with you the two I’m currently using and loving.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

I love the design of this product – the clear glass bottle compliments the colour of the oil beautifully, and along with the text font I just think this looks elegant, and sophisticated. It makes me want to use it so much more, and makes the experience of applying the product feel more special, and beautifying. 

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse is the first multi-purpose oil I’ve tried. I’ve always loved applying oils to my hair in helping them stay nourished and having that lovely shine. However, applying an oil to my skin isn’t something I’ve tried or ever sprang to mind really. I’ve had numerous issues with my skin over my teenage years with acne, which is something that I’m wanting to do a full post on talking about my experiences, but in relation to this – having acne-prone and oily skin made me want to totally avoid any product that was oily, so of course the thought of putting an oil on my face or skin was something I never considered, and would have been scared to do incase it caused a breakout. However, despite having an oily face there are areas to my skin, particularly during the winter that get really dry. I think the fact that this is a dry oil is what makes the difference – it absorbs nicely into the skin, without feeling sticky or well – oily. It’s moisturising, gentle, and has a beautiful scent. I like to apply this to my legs and arms after showering, leaving my body feeling and smelling great. 

Josh Wood Radiant Shine Hair Treatment Oil

A little goes a long way with this oil – I find it takes so long to make my way through a hair oil, even though it’s something I use pretty much on a daily basis. This oil aims to enhance the hair’s natural shine, is tailored to coloured hair, and has a multi-purpose. Multi-purpose products are winners for me, I love being able to use something in as many ways as possible so I can make the most of it. On the one hand, it can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment aiming to restore the hair; and on the other, as a pre-stymying treatment to add extra moisture, which is something I like to use it for when I’m styling with heat. It can also be used as a finishing product to leave that final shine to your hair which is perfect for a more statement, glam look. 

What stands out to me about this, as oppose to others I’ve tried is that this has a much thicker consistency – and much more of a moisturising boost. For that reason, my favourite way to use this hair oil is as a pre-shampoo treatment, or when my hair needs a real pick me up I’ll leave this on for a long period of time. It has a lovely, strong scent to it too – so adding the tiniest bit to your hair before or after styling leaves your hair smelling super fragranced as well as giving the shine you want. I really like the applicator style to this – it enables you to squeeze out as little or much as you want – but trust me a little goes such a long way so I know this hair oil will be with my for a while.

Do you use any hair and body oils? What are your Autumn/Winter skin essentials?

Shelley x


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