Five Simple Ways To De-Stress

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all well. As I’m well into my final Semester of university – yes, the final one. I cannot believe how fast it’s gone! But, as you can imagine, my stress levels are pretty high, with a dissertation to write, essays to think about, and a stack of reading and studying to fit into my days alongside trying to stay a functioning adult. So, I thought I’d share with you five of my favourite simple ways to de-stress and unwind. I hope they can be of some help to any of you who may have a lot on your plate too.

1. Read A Book – I find reading really relaxing, definitely more so than watching the TV. I love to sit in a quiet place with a good book and a cup of tea, and just let myself emerge into the story, and relieve my mind of everything that’s getting on top of me. I like to stick to a habit of reading before bed instead of scrolling through social media before bed.

2. Have A Relaxing Bath – sometimes after a long, stressful day stepping into a hot bubble bath with some of my favourite relaxing music playing quietly in the background is just what I need. Even if it’s a ten minute soak, it’s ten minutes where I’m not on my phone, not on my laptop, not thinking about X, Y, and Z – just taking the time for me, and pampering myself.

3. Write a Diary – writing a journal can be really helpful for me. Sometimes just writing your feelings, a plan, or just some thoughts down can help me feel like stress is being lifted. I’m a really organised so when I’m stressed planning things down can really help me, and often makes me realise that things I’m stressed about are, in fact, manageable if I break it down into chunks. Likewise, sometimes just writing more freely about my thoughts on paper can be very therapeutic.

4. Go On A Walk – something as simple as just getting outside, stretching my legs, and breathing in some fresh air really helps me. When I go on a walk I don’t like to listen to any music, nor be staring at my phone – I like to just escape into the fresh air, and I find it allows me to have a think, unwind and step back from things.

5. Do Your Hobby – for me, that’s blogging. I like to keep my blog as something that I do for pure enjoyment, rather than something I feel I need to do, or feel pressured to get a certain amount of posts out, or create certain content. Because I keep my blog as my hobby, it becomes an online space that allows me to relax, and do something I really enjoy. Whether it’s taking photographs, planning future posts, or sitting and writing – I find it relaxing, and gives me something other to focus on that allows me to empty my head of other things that have been piling on top of me.

How do you de-stress and relax?

Shelley x


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