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Hello everyone, I hope you’re all well. Today I wanted to fully review my latest concealer that I’ve been using – the L’Oreal true match concealer. I’m still a new comer to L’Oreal makeup, but as I’m slowly adding more of their products into my collection, the fonder I’m growing of it. So, what do I think of the true match concealer?

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This is a great, affordable concealer that I’m glad to have in my makeup bag. I love that L’Oreal is that perfect hybrid; their luxury feeling, and good quality products at affordable prices. I’m slowly drawn more to this brand, and I can’t wait to try more of their products. I use this concealer for both under my eyes to really brighten them up, as well as hide imperfections which it does a pretty good job at if builded up. While the coverage isn’t quite as full as I’d like it to be for covering darker blemishes, it’s great for my daily makeup, and is easily build able to get your desired coverage. Like the other L’Oreal makeup products I’ve tried so far, I love the packaging and design, it’s simple and chic.

Generally, to me, this concealer just seems to me one of those trusty concealers you can’t really go wrong with having in your makeup bag. One thing I love is that it matches my skin tone really well, and is nice and bendable. Also, since it’s nice and lightweight it’s comfortable to be wearing all day, and doesn’t clash with my oily skin.  For my first try of a L’Oreal concealer, this one has left a great first impression.


What do you think? Which L’Oreal beauty products do you love?


Shelley x


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