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Hello everyone, I hope you’re well. Today I’m finally talking about my skincare routine, I can’t believe that I’ve been blogging for years now, and I still haven’t shared my skincare routine. I love skincare just as much as I love makeup or fashion, and now that I’ve found a routine filled with great products that are working well for me and I love, now is the time for me to share a rundown of my skincare routine.

I’ve mentioned previously on my blog how I used to have acne, I’m now over two years post-roaccutane, and my skin is still acne free which is great. I am, however, still prone to the occasional blemish, and I still have oily skin – that’s just my skin type, and that’s fine. I feel like having oily skin has meant it’s taken me a while to figure out what skincare products make me feel the most comfortable, and have the best effects. But I can honestly say I’m super happy with my current routine, which is why I want to share it.

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions three step routine: I’m absolutely loving the Clinique anti-blemish three step programme. I used this a good few years ago now, and since have always remembered how great it was, and wanted to get it again. So I decided to put it on my Christmas list, and now I’m back using it daily, and I totally remember why I used to love it. If you’ve got oily skin or prone to blemishes these are the products for you.

I start with the cleansing foam, which removes any dirt and excess oil, unclogs the pores and leaves my skin feeling cleansed and smooth. When I wake up in the morning, and at the end of the day my skin feels awful and clogged but I know as soon as I get this cleanser on it my skin will feel soft and clean. I then go in with the clarifying lotion which exfoliates and reduces any excess oil, and prevents oil developing which is great. This just adds that extra step on top of the cleanse and makes my skin feel thoroughly cleansed. After applying the clarifying lotion with a cotton pad, I go in with the all-over clearing treatment which is my daily moisturiser. This is just the perfect completion to the trio – it’s moisturising yet light weight and breathable, and helps to control excess oil levels, prevent break-outs as well as treat existing blemishes.

I notice such a difference when I use this trio on the daily, my skin doesn’t feel as clogged, I notice a difference in my oil levels, and my skin feels thoroughly cleaned and well looked-after. Those days when my skin feels awful can really bring my mood down, so it makes such a difference to my day to day routine when I know I have a skincare routine I can rely on.

Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream:

This is my new daily eye cream, I love it. It helps my eyes look and feel awake and refreshed, and certainly hydrated. This, applied after my three-step routine is the perfect completion to my morning skincare, and I’ve got a good base for my makeup for the day. I find that this eye cream particularly helps with smoothing out my under eye concealer and foundation. I have trust in Clinique skincare, so it’s hardly a surprise that I love this too.

Rodial Bee Venom Cleansing Balm: 

The Rodial cleansing balm is more of a recent find, but I’m absolutely loving it. I use this when I want to shake up my cleansing routine, usually I find myself using this at a night time when I fancy a nice luxurious feeling cleanse. I find myself using it more at a night time because it honestly just melts away my makeup, and leaves my face feeling so soft and smooth. With its Vitamin C it helps to brighten your complexion and Salicylic Acid help unclog your pores it leaves my skin feeling great. This is definitely a luxurious feeling cleanser, and it’s a lovely addition to my skincare collection for when I really want to treat my skin.

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What is your skincare routine?

Shelley x


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