How I Stay Organised

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all well. Today I wanted to share my top tips, and the ways I best keep myself organised. Organisation is something we all need in our lives. I’ve always considered myself an organised person, I love to plan, to keep things in order, and manage my time so I have a good balance. I’m currently in my final few months of university,  so things are pretty hectic at the minute as I write my 10,000 word dissertation, study for my modules, write my blog, and fit in being a functioning person with a social life – so keeping myself organised, and ensuring my time is managed and balanced is key. So, how do I stay organised?


This is is absolutely key to me. It can seem so overwhelming when you have loads of mental notes of everything you need to get done, put to actually sit down and physically write out a list of things you need to get done, whether it be daily, weekly, or even monthly, is a great way to keep in mind exactly what needs to get done. Plus, it’s so satisfying to tick things off as you achieve them. At university I tend to make a daily to-do list, not just for the university side of things – I note down everything from editing blog photos, writing up a post, university reading, doing an online shop, to cleaning my flat. Making a list of things I need to get done ensures I actually get them done.


Following on from writing a to-do list, you need to prioritise what things are essential, and what is a maybe, or for another day perhaps. For instance, with me when it comes to university work and blogging, I prioritise my university work over my blog, and then when I’ve achieved what I wanted to do study wise, I can move onto my blog, or any other tasks I want to get done in that day. I even like to prioritise with my university work, which I base on how much time I have, how much there is to do for that task etc. Making a prioritised list helps me balance my time, and keep me focussed on what needs doing at the right time.


I’m a huge lover for stationary, and all things organisation. Having folders of my work clearly organised is a must for me, likewise with bills and other important paperwork. Plus, you can’t really go wrong with having pretty stationary, ring-binders and box files can you.


This is another key thing for me, that I have to keep reminding myself to keep ensuring I do. I like to organise my day so that I can achieve what needs to be achieved, and still have some down-time. I’m the kind of person who likes to get up nice and early, so that I know I can have that relaxing time in the evening, doing my blog, watching some tv, or socialising. It’s so important to ensure you have time to relax, do your hobby, and take care of yourself in the midst of work. When my deadlines are looming I especially have to remind myself of this, so that I still practice self-care and balance my time, which hand in hand helps deal with the stress.


I love to set myself goals, whether they’re weekly, monthly or yearly. I love having ideas in my mind that I can get excited about and work towards. Having goals motivates me, and makes me strive to be better.

How do you stay organised?

Shelley x


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