My Top Tips For Booking A Holiday

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all well. I wanted to sit down and write a different kind of post today, and talk holidays. Me and my boyfriend recently booked up a holiday for June, for seven days of sun and relaxation at resort in Kos. Me, as a student and him a young professional, we made sure we did our research, and took our time in booking our holiday to ensure we found the best possible deal. So, I thought I’d share my top tips for booking a holiday I’ve learned from booking my own holidays over the past couple of years.


First things first, work out what your budget is. It’s much easier to run up searches for holidays when you’ve got an idea in mind of a rough price you’re willing to pay. Most travel websites are great for this, and to search by price is a really good way to get an understanding of the type of packages and location is suitable for you.


We made a list of everything we wanted from our holiday, whether that be the board basis, flights, restaurants and facilities within a hotel, being close to the beach – anything we could think of we listed so that when we were searching on websites, only the holidays with our criteria would come up. This made it so much easier to make a short list of our favourites. Knowing your price range, and what you want from your holiday is key to establish before you can make any decisions on the specifics.


This is where you can get savvy with your holiday booking. So, say you’ve found an ideal hotel on Jet2, why not search for the same hotel on Thomas Cook, let’s say, and see the price difference. We did this and we saw definite differences in prices, even with just a couple of days difference between the same holiday we were comparing. Likewise, you don’t necessarily have to compare companies, even just moving around your dates a little can make a difference to your price. Experiment with the comparing, because it can sometimes make a real difference in getting the same deal, for less.


It’s quite easy to be submerged in how much you love the look of a hotel, it’s facilities and it’s ratings, but, at the same time it could be in a location totally different to what you had in mind for your week away. Researching the area of your hotel is a great way to figure out whether it’s a good move to give you the holiday you’re looking before, because for me anyway, there’s more I want than the hotel. The hotel we’ve booked this year is close to the town and beaches which is what we wanted.


TripAdvisor can be your best friend and your enemy at the same time. While a nasty picture or review can put you off, and make you worry about your decision, getting a general idea of the hotels average reviews is a good thing to consider. Because, at the end of the day pictures on the website can look fantastic, but it’s the reviews from guests that really highlight what your experience there will be like. I never read too much into the reviews, because I don’t want to get fixated on what I read, and like to go into it with an open mind, but, that being said, I make sure that the average of reviews is good, and has positive things to say about the hotel and the area.

What are your top tips for booking a holiday?

Shelley x


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