Review: Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharge Concentrate

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all well. Today I’m putting the spotlight on the Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharge Concentrate, which I’ve been trying out recently. I’ve tried the Clinique Moisture Surge extended thirst relief before; which I absolutely love – it’s one of my most used skincare products, so I was excited to try this product out.

The Hydrating Supercharge Concentrate, is a gel based product, that aims to instantly boost hydration for dehydrated skin. It’s definitely more of a definite gel product unlike the Extended Thirst Relief, which is more an in-between of cream and gel. It aims to instantly moisturise and hydrate the skin, lasting for a full 24 hours, with ‘water-binding ingredients’ and ‘encapsulated antioxidants’ to deter dryness and environmental damage.

The concentrate is oil and fragrance free, and claims to be suitable for all skin types; myself, I have quite oily skin, but it can get rather dry in certain areas so keeping it moisturised is key. This works really well with my oily skin, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling clogged or greasy, nor have I noticed any excess oil building up through the day when I’ve been trying this out.

Similar to the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief, I felt an instant boost of moisture with this product, my skin soaked it in really well. It’s as though my skin drank it up, and it left my skin feeling smooth, and hydrated. With the warmer weather, my skin gets a little oilier, so I have been using this product some days in combination with my normal moisturisers, but others just stand-alone. This has become a great product as a pick me up for when my skin needs that boost of hydration, with or without my normal moisturiser. It feels comfortable, breathable, and is lovely and soft on the skin. It’s the kind of product that I think will be perfect to have on hand during summer, particularly on holiday, when my skin is having a lot of sun exposure, and needs that extra hydration. I’m a huge lover of Clinique skincare products, they work really well for my skin. Aside from the Moisture Surge range, the Anti-Blemish solutions range works really well for my oily skin, and the Moisture surge products then act as a great extra for when my skin is on the dryer side.

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