Summer Holiday Staples You Need In Your Suitcase

Packing your suitcase can be exciting, yet also stressful. Trying to pre-decide a weeks worth of outfits, with enough options, and back up options, without going overboard, nor going over your weight allowance. I don’t know about you, but I always end up taking more than I need. This year I aim to be more minimal with my packing, ensuring I have the staples, and a good selection of items I can easily mix and match.

Here are the staples I consider as essential to pack in your suitcase for your summer holiday, and I’ve picked some items from my favourite shops as great examples of what I’ll be packing.

The Mix n Match skirt / top combo – My usual go-to evening look on holiday is some kind of midi skirt, a vest top, paired with a cardigan and some sandals/wedges. So I like to have a selection of skirts and plain tops that I can mix and match to create different outfits with. It’s so much easier, and makes lighter packing to mix and match your outfits, and it gives you more flexibility if you change your mind about what you want to wear.

The denim jacket – A denim jacket, alongside some cardigans is all I’ll be taking for warmth. I think a denim jacket is a great option – it’s warm enough to take the chill off in the evenings, yet still light weight enough to be appropriate for the heat, and it’s versatile and can be styled with many outfits. I managed to find a gorgeous cream denim jacket from Boden which will be absolutely perfect.

The cross body bag – A cross body bag, alongside a mandatory beach bag/back pack type scenario is all I need. For any evening out, or a day out where I don’t need to carry much, a simple cross-body bag does the trick. I love my simple black one from Radley – it’s a really good size, yet small enough to easily pack in my case without taking up much room, and since it’s black it goes with everything I take.

The basic t shirt – t shirts, it sounds so obvious, but it really is a staple. A t shirt can be thrown on with shorts, a skirt, under a pinafore dress, can be a saviour if you have burnt shoulders, is something to throw on around the hotel… Need I go on? I always make sure I have a selection of plain vest tops, as well as a selection of t shirts that cover my shoulders. I’m fair skinned, and my shoulders almost always play victim to a bit of sunburn, so getting them covered up with a t shirt is an great option.

The beach cover-up – The beach cover-up, an absolute must. Something to throw on if you’re getting a bit burnt, for a quick run to the bar for a drink, just something quick to throw on and cover up. I love to take a Sarong, as well as some kind of easy dress/long top type scenario which has to cover my shoulders as it usually comes in use when I’m trying to cover from the sun.

The comfy dress – A comfy dress is a must-have. Whether it’s for travelling in, for days where you’re walking around exploring a town, or just as something to throw on as you’re grabbing breakfast at the hotel. That comfy, day dress is something everyone needs in their suitcase, there’s always going to be a reason to wear it.

The statement dress – You always need that statement dress, the special dress, the one you’ll probably save for your favourite night of the week away. I always have one dress that’s my favourite, and I’ll save most likely for an A-La-Carte dinner, or the ‘fanciest’ of nights of the holiday. 

What are your summer holiday staples?

Shelley x

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