Makeup Favourites From Kiko

Hello everyone, I hope you’re well! It’s been a while since I’ve done a brand spotlight and talked about my favourites, but since I picked up some pieces from Kiko recently for my holiday, I thought I’d talk a bit more in detail about my favourite products from Kiko. I love what I’ve tried so far from Kiko, it’s super affordable yet good quality and I love the variety of products they have there. If I walk into one of their stores, I know I’m guaranteed to come back out with some great finds.

Smart fusion lipstick – shade 403 soft rose: This shade of pink is perfect for me – it’s a light, almost nude shade with just the right amount of pink perfect for most looks. To add a little something more, I top it with gloss. It was a must have in my holiday makeup bag as I knew I would wear it daily. This lipstick is really moisturising which is exactly what I like – I’m not a huge fan of matte finish lipsticks, I prefer something that packs in the moisture.

Smart colour blush – shade 02 rosy mauve: I’ve never been someone who focuses a lot on contouring – I just add a bit of bronzer or a bit of blush and that’s me done. I like my makeup application to be as quick and simple as possible, and not to have loads of different products in my routine. This blush is a great every-day product that does the job – it gives me warmth and colour to my complexion – just a quick brush of this and I’m good to go. This shade is really subtle – perfect for my fair skin, and it’s a matte finish which is something I always look for.

Smart colour eyeshadow – shade 31 pearly anthracite: I absolutely love this eyeshadow, it’s a gorgeous shimmery silver/grey tone, perfect for creating a smoky eye. I always opt for colours either grey, silver or blue as it’s what compliments my eye colour well, and I feel comfortable with – so this was a safe bet I knew I’d like. The pigmentation is great, and it’s an easily blend-able and build-able eye shadow.

Power pro nail lacquer – shade 01 clear: A clear nail varnish is an essential. Most of the time I don’t wear colours on my fingernails – so a clear coat is normally my go-to just to add a little something to my nails and keep them looking good and healthy. This is really long lasting and adds a really nice thick, glossy coat to my nails giving them a really nice finish.

Pastel metal nail lacquer – shade 001: I bought this for my holiday, because silver is always my go-to nail colour for my summer holiday. It matches all my jewellery, and compliments the colours of my holiday wardrobe well. I’m definitely a silver rather than a gold kinda gal. I find that the Kiko nail lacquers are long-lasting, and have a good pigmentation. Even just one coat is enough to evenly cover your nail. I like to add the clear power pro nail lacquer over the top for an extra coat to help it last, and add a nice finish.

Have you tried Kiko before? If so, what are your favourites?

Shelley x


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