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A Life Update: I Graduated. What’s Next?

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all well. It’s time for an overdue life update post – it’s been a while since I’ve sat down and written a rundown of what’s been happening in my life over the past few months, of course excepting the occasional snippets of information on social media. In the last month, I’ve moved house, and about to celebrate my 21st birthday this weekend. And, the months before that involved completing my degree, and heading on two holidays in the Greek islands. But yes, I graduated from my Sociology degree, with results I’m chuffed to bits with, and celebrated with my loved ones.

What I wore

Dress – Ted Baker

Cardigan – Monsoon

Heels – Marks and Spencer

Bag – New Look



 Graduating felt like an official end of one chapter, and the start of a new one in my life. While I finished my degree in May, only after attending the actual graduation ceremony, did I feel like it was behind me, and in a mind-set ready for my next step. What is my next step? A Masters degree in Digital Marketing – something I’m extremely excited about – not only as it furthers my enjoyment for studying (yes I did just say that) but also as it is a step in the right direction towards an industry I’d love to have a career in.

When I chose what to do my undergraduate degree in, I was seventeen, in sixth form, without a clue of what I actually wanted to do with my life career wise; which was totally fine, I don’t believe there needs to be any pressure to have a life-plan because things change. But, at this time, as I wasn’t sure I decided to choose to pursue a subject that I enjoyed, and was broad enough to leave plenty of options open post-university. It was only when I was half way through my third year at university, that I decided to have a clear idea of what direction I wanted to take. Which was, to start a career in the sphere of Digital Marketing, and pursue further study to help me do so. But even still, this isn’t a fixed option, it has flexibility, and various options for me to adapt to.

Graduating and deciding my plans for the upcoming year, have made me reflect on my goals, and what I’d like to achieve. It’s filled me with inspiration and motivation for what’s next. I know I want to continue blogging – sticking to a regular schedule, creating content that I’m proud of, and I know what direction I’d like to head in career wise.

Thanks for reading, speak to you soon.

Shelley x

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