Story time – my experience with acne

Hello everyone, I hope you’re well. Today I wanted to sit and write a post all about my experience with acne. Acne is something that I’ve been dealing with since I was a teenager, with many ups and downs. I always find it helpful to read about other peoples experiences, so I wanted to share mine.

Throughout my early teenage years, my skin was never great, granted I didn’t have full blown acne, but my skin was very oily, generally felt uncomfortable, and I was prone to frequent breakouts. However, being a teenager, this didn’t stand out to me as anything more than just typical teenage skin down to hormones. It wasn’t until I got to the age of 17 that my problem skin really started to occur. I had numerous painful cysts on my face, my chest and my back, and I decided enough was enough. No skincare regime, or good diet was fixing this. It was painful, uncomfortable, and it wasn’t going away. So it was time to see my GP.

I won’t lie, the process of getting my skin sorted was a length process. It took me over a year from first seeing my GP, to end up being referred to a dermatologist and on Roaccutane which was what cleared my skin. Before this, I was on a number of creams, and antibiotics, non of which seemed to be working. Although, one antibiotic, erythromycin did work wonders on clearing my chest and back acne, but since my face acne was still very much there, that was when I was referred to a dermatologist. I was put on Roaccutane (Isotretinoin), and although this was an incredibly strong drug, with lots of potential negative side effects, I jumped at the chance to be put on it, as at this stage, it really was the last option that I had hope for. My experience on Roaccutane couldn’t have gone any better, I only needed a five month course before my skin was like a dream, and the only side effects I experienced was very dry lips, skin and dry hair. But as long as I had Vasseline and a moisturiser by my side, it was definitely manageable, and totally worth  it.

So, after a year of GP treatments, and five months on Roaccutane, I was at a place where I was incredibly happy with my skin. Yes I still had some scarring, but these faded a good amount naturally with time, my skin was smooth, clear, and less oily. I felt comfortable with no makeup, I didn’t feel uncomfortable in my own skin, I was so happy with the results. My skin remained in this good state for around two and a half years, with only the occasional break outs that occurred due to other factors such as stress, or a skincare product that didn’t agree with me.

However, in the last couple of months I have been experiencing a relapse. Don’t get me wrong, my acne is no where near as bad as what it was a few years ago, but to have gone from cleared skin, to regular breakouts, painful cysts, and much oilier skin again didn’t sit right with me. I decided I wanted to get this nipped in the bud before it got any worse. So, you guessed it, I went back to my GP. I’m so thankful that I had such a positive experience in going back to the GP, they totally understood my concerns and have put me back on a course of antibiotics, alongside a topical treatment gel. I was prescribed erythromycin again, as well as Finecea gel.  While it’s too early for my to review whether I’m seeing any differences yet, it’s something that I’ll share in a skin update blog post.

So, in a nutshell my acne story so far has gone from me experiencing quite a lot of acne, to having almost clear skin, to a slight relapse, and now a hope that it improves rather than deteriorates. I hope that me sharing my experience has been helpful to some of you, and thanks for reading.

Shelley x

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  1. October 31, 2020 / 4:49 pm

    Hi Shelley,
    Thank you for sharing this personal article. Acne is an annoying issue and journey for lots of my clientele. I’ve achieved good results with combining professional skin cleansing and the daily usage of specialized skincare products.
    Best, Semra

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