Top tips for managing stress

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all well. Today I wanted to share some of my tips for managing stress, which I figured is particularly relevant for myself at the moment as I’m entering assignment period at university. Life will always throw stressful situations, but over the years I’ve learned a lot about my own stress, and how I can take small steps to help manage it.

Write a list

Making daily to-do lists is a technique I’ve used for years now, and it really helps me keep track of what I’ve done, what I need to do, and how to prioritise and manage my time. My to-do lists include even the most mundane, simplest tasks such as household chores, or making appointments as well as bigger tasks like university work – but having a breakdown of everything I need to get done in a day helps me manage my stress, by breaking each day up. Physically ticking things off my to-do list makes me feel productive, and reminds me that I’m on top of things.

Set mini, achievable goals

Following on from making lists, setting myself small and achievable goals also helps me manage my stress. A lot of my stress comes from feeling overwhelmed with a workload, and worries about not achieving everything I need to, to the standard that I want. So, setting myself these small and achievable goals really helps me feel on top of the game, reminds me that I’m achieving, and therefore reduces my worries.


Taking the time to pamper and be good to myself is a trick that always helps me feel a lot better. As hard as it can be to switch off sometimes, after a particularly stressful day I try to find the time as often as possible to take thirty minutes to have a relaxing bath, listen to a podcast or some music, and just switch off from everything that has got on top of me. This time always allows me to take a step back, reflect on things, and taking that step back to just focus on myself really helps change my perspective to a more positive one.

Do your hobby

For me, that’s blogging.  I like to keep my blog as something that I do for pure enjoyment, rather than something I feel I need to do, or feel pressured to get a certain amount of posts out, or create certain content. Because I keep my blog as my hobby, it becomes an online space that allows me to relax, and do something I really enjoy. Whether it’s taking photographs, planning future posts, or sitting and writing – I find it relaxing, and gives me something other to focus on that allows me to empty my head of other things that have been piling on top of me.


Something as simple as just getting outside, stretching my legs, and breathing in some fresh air really helps me with my stress and anxieties. When I go on a walk I  prefer not to listen to to music, nor be on my phone – I like to just escape into the fresh air and take in the atmosphere. I find that this helps allow me to have a think, unwind and step back from things and gain perspective.

Schedule down time

Scheduling down time comes with good time management, but it’s so important to fit in the time to relax, do your hobbies, see family and friends, and just focus on the things you love doing. I can totally appreciate that this is much easier said than done, but I like to plan my weeks and days out, to ensure I’m working towards a balance of my work and time for me.

I hope some of you found this helpful. How do you manage stress?

Shelley x


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