Life Update – Graduating, Working, Making a Return to Blogging?

Oh hello everyone. Perhaps you’ve forgotten about this blog, since it’s been months since I last posted, but here I am, we are back. I thought I’d delve back into blogging by sharing a life update post, explaining where the heck I’ve been.

To put it short, life got in the way – and my little corner of the internet took a back seat as a result. I have been swamped with life changes, new demands on my time, and as a result my creativity to write and create content plummeted. However, as I sat indoors yesterday on a rainy Saturday morning, in a cosy jumper and a cup of tea in hand – I had the urge to write .

I’ve no doubt you’ll remember an abundance of posts and mentions of me studying for my Masters in Digital Marketing last year – well, good news, I passed and graduated in December. As well as graduating, and somehow becoming a Master of Science, since the back end of last year I’ve also been working in my first office role; delving into the world of work, and adulthood – an adjustment from student life to say the least. And as much as some days I wish being able to work in my dressing gown and slippers at whatever hours of the day I chose, I have enjoyed the structure of working life – for the most part. I’m still in the very early days of my career, but I’m motivated and excited for what my future has to hold, and for what opportunities I can seek.

As for making a return to blogging, I’m not entirely sure of the direction I want to take my blog this year, however, I do know that I’ve missed writing, I’ve missed creating and sharing content, and I want to get back to that. So bear with me, and I hope that my little space on the web will be more active from now on.

Shelley x


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