How To Become a Morning Person

Mornings are something that many of us struggle with, particularly in the dark and cold winter months. However, now we’re seeing changes in the weather and more light into our days, I’m finding my mornings more bearable, and dare I say, more enjoyable. The hour or so before we head to our busy working days doesn’t have to be spent wishing nothing other than we were catching more sleep. So, here are my tips on becoming a morning person, and making your mornings more bearable. 

Wake up at a similar time each day 

Waking up at a similar time each day helps set your body clock on track, and makes those early starts easier to face. Since I’ve been working full-time in an office job I’ve found my body clock to be a lot stricter. However, in my university years I still maintained a good routine of waking up early each day. It made me feel productive, and energised. 

Prepare for the next day the night before 

Preparing my outfit, bag, food, or anything else I need for the day ahead the night before makes my morning routine less chaotic, and gives me more time to enjoy it, and focus on getting myself prepared for the day mentally and physically – without rushing around, feeling unorganised, and running out of the house in a flustered state. Sure, we all have days where we forget, we run out of time, and things don’t go to plan – we’re all only human after all. But I make a good effort to try prepare myself the night before as often as I can. 

Put time into getting ready 

Following on from my previous point, putting the time into being organised in advance, means that I can spend my time in the morning on getting myself ready. Whether it’s selecting an outfit that makes me feel good, spending a bit of time on my hair, or putting a bit of makeup on – making a bit of time to get myself ready makes me feel ready to take on the day. Even days where I’m working from home, I still like to make a little bit of effort – it’s a part of my morning routine that makes me feel motivated for the day ahead. 

Make time for breakfast

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, complicated, or time-consuming. But making time for even a simple breakfast is a key part of my morning routine, and to being a morning person. It gives me energy for the day ahead and wakes me up. I’ve never been one to skip breakfast, I’ve always seen it as a crucial part of my day. 

Look Outside 

This point is more applicable to the spring and summer months, but I love taking a look outside whilst I sip my morning cup of tea. I absolutely love seeing the sun beam through the windows, and I can’t wait for more mornings to be like that. 


Are you a morning person? What rituals do you enjoy as part of your morning routine? 

Shelley x


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