My Top Tips for a Good Morning Routine ft Waterdrop

Disclaimer: AD Gifted - This post includes gifted items. All opinions are my own.

Mornings are something we all struggle with from time to time, and building a routine is personal to us and our day to day lives. Today I wanted to share my top tips for having a good morning routine. In current circumstances, finding that morning motivation can be more so challenging, but I’m a lover of a good routine, and this is how I’m currently ensuring I have a good start to my days.


First and foremost – hydrate. Water is key. I used to have a bad habit of starting my day with only a caffeinated drink, and it often left me with a nasty headache by mid morning. Since I have started to encourage myself to hydrate first thing in the morning, and make a more conscious effort to during the day I’ve noticed improvements in my energy levels, and a good bye to those headaches.

I have collaborated with Waterdrop, a sustainable brand, offering a range of environmentally friendly products and healthy microdrinks encouraging us to drink more water, which I considered the perfect compliment to this post on my morning routine.

Waterdrop’s water bottles are made of glass with a bamboo cap, and all have gorgeous designs. I chose the Edition Boost bottle – I adored the purple shades, and love the unique design.

Their micro drinks consist of natural ingredients, packed into a dissolvable cube which simply drop into your bottle, anytime, anywhere. They’re filled of natural fruit and plant extracts, providing a subtle and unique flavouring, with less than five calories per serving. I love this as a healthier alternative to sugary juices, whilst also having plenty of flavour and making drinking water throughout the day more pleasant. There are a range of micro drink flavourings available, my favourites being:

Boost – blackcurrant – elderflower – acai

Glow -Mango – Cactus Fruit – Artichoke

Nero –Kola nut – activated charcoal – guarana – blackberry

Waterdrop also have some fantastic environmentally friendly accessories for your water – such as stainless steel drinking straws, and bamboo containers to keep your microdrinks in one place if you want to take them with you to work.

Reducing screen time during breakfast

A new routine that I’ve been trying to do more is to sit and eat breakfast away from screens – away form my phone, and resisting the urge to stick on the TV. I’ve found that this stops me wasting time scrolling on social media for too long, and encourages me to not skip breakfast – which is in itself a better start for the day. I use this time to make breakfast – I usually go for porridge of some sort, sip my morning cup of tea, and get some water down me. I always feel much more energised and ready for the day when I’ve made the time to eat and hydrate.

Prepare the night before

This is a key one for me. I like to get as organised and prepared for the day ahead the night before – whether that be to plan my outfit, prepare my lunch, and get anything else I need sorted. It means I can spend my time in the morning focussing on getting a good breakfast, getting ready, and taking my time preparing for the day.



I find the best thing for a good routine, is consistency. From waking up at a similar time each morning to keep my body clock on track, to maintaining the same rituals, consistency makes my mornings run smoothly, more productively, and is a great set up for the day.


What do you think, and what are your morning routines?

Shelley x


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Disclaimer: AD Gifted - This post includes gifted items. All opinions are my own.


  1. June 24, 2020 / 4:41 pm

    I love this morning routine! The Waterdrop is so cute also! I definitely agree that less screen time is great. And I always love making time for breakfast. Me and my bf always sit and eat breakfast together which is lovely.

    • onlyshelley
      June 26, 2020 / 9:40 am

      Thank you! Definitely, I’ve been enjoying spending less time on my phone. That’s a lovely idea! Xx

  2. June 26, 2020 / 8:44 am

    Love these tips! Starting the day with some water is so refreshing and hydrating especially during this heatwave we’re having. This bottle is so pretty xx

    Lauren |

    • onlyshelley
      June 26, 2020 / 9:39 am

      Thank you! Absolutely, it’s so important to stay hydrated! Xx

    • onlyshelley
      August 13, 2020 / 6:08 pm

      I’ve definitely been drinking more since using it, it’s so pretty!

      Shelley x

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