11 Things I Love About Autumn

11 Things I Love About Autumn

Ah, it’s officially Autumn – my favourite season of the year. I love this time of year. It’s time for cosy evenings, chunky knits, boots, candles, and gingerbread lattes. Today I wanted to share my favourite things about this season.

Weather Changes

I love that you can literally feel the change in the weather from Summer to Autumn. The air is colder and crisp. 


Autumn is my favourite season to dress for. It’s not quite baltic temperatures, but cool enough that you can start layering.


And of course, as well as layering, Autumn style calls for boots. A pair of black leather boots is my staple for Autumn, and my favourite choice of footwear. I have two pairs from Clarks that I can’t wait to get plenty of wear out of and style. 

Darker Evenings 

Although a dark commute is never enjoyable and the days are shorter, the upside to darker evenings is the cosy vibe it brings. Snuggling down on the sofa in the evening when it’s dark outside always feel much more cosy in my opinion. 

All the Candles

To accompany darker evenings at home, it’s the time of year for all the candles. And, of course, in all the Autumnal scents. 

Gingerbread lattes

Gingerbread lattes are back on the menus in Autumn, and I’m a big fan of it. I don’t often buy coffee out of the house, so when I do it’s a treat – and I like to treat myself to a seasonal flavoured latte when I get the chance. 

11 Things I Love About Autumn


Autumn also starts presenting days cold enough to actually wear a coat. I love coats, and I’ve missed wearing mine. I’m especially excited to bring back out my black faux fur coat. 

Dark Lipsticks

I never wear dark lipsticks in the spring and summer, it’s something I only ever find myself doing so appropriately in the Autumn months. With a black outfit, I love wearing a dark lip. 

Autumnal Walks 

Autumnal walks with the crunchy leaves and crisp air is something I’m excited for. It’s also beautiful to watch the leaves change colour at this time of year. 

An extra hours sleep when the clocks change

How could I not mention the extra hour of sleep we get when the clocks change in October. Who wouldn’t want an extra hour in their warm cosy bed before facing the day? 

The Run Up To Christmas 

Last, but certainly not least, I love the festivities of the run up to Christmas. I’m very much here for it. 

What are your favourite things about Autumn? 

Shelley x

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