How to Create A Good Work From Home Environment

Working from home is something a lot of us have had to adapt to this year. For some work from home may have been the norm anyway, and for others it may be a totally new working situation to adapt to. Either way, creating a personalised work space is great to make your workspace a place you want to be, and for me always makes me feel more productive.

How to Create A Good Work From Home Environment

Have a Designated Work Space 

Having a designated space to work in is key. When working from home it can be harder to separate home life from work life, and we all need to allow ourselves to switch off. Having a designated working space helps keep that divide. Having that designated space can also help with focus and productivity – as soon as you sit down at your desk or lil’ makeshift workstation you’ll know it’s work time. 

Style and Personalise It 

Just because it’s a workspace, it doesn’t mean it has to be dull. Style and personalise your workspace – add candles, your favourite books, a photo, a plant, whatever little touches that make that space your own. I love to have a candles on my desk – I don’t often light them, but I like having them there for decoration. 

Keep it Tidy 

This is key for me. A cluttered workspace equals a cluttered mind in my eyes – I work much more productively and efficiently working in a tidy, organised environment. I like to keep what I can in draws, and then anything I have out on the desk I like to keep neat and as organised as possible. At the end of the working day I like to put everything away that’s I’ve needed out on my desk through the day, so that when I come back to my desk the next morning it’s fresh and tidy. 

Desk Lighting

If you’re going to be staring at a screen all day, it’s important to have some decent lighting. No one wants to be getting eye strain and nasty headaches, so getting a decent desk lamp is definitely something to consider. 

Make use of Natural Light Where Possible 

My desk at home is by a window, and I make use of the natural light and open the curtains and a the window (if it’s warm enough) and it makes a real difference to be able to get some natural light in. Being stuck in one room of the house all day can lead to me feeling a little ‘cooped up’, so getting some natural light in really helps me feel more connected to the outside world. 

How to Create A Good Work From Home Environment

If you are working from home, what are your tips for creating a good work from home environment? 

Shelley x

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