Our Experience of Adopting a Kitten

Our Experience of Adopting a Kitten from a Rescue Centre

Hello everyone, I hope you’re well. Today I wanted to talk about a recent exciting life change – we have a new addition to our household. A kitten! We adopted her from Yorkshire Cat Rescue and I wanted to talk about our experience with adopting a cat, rather than buying. More specifically adopting during the global pandemic, and how this changed the process. 

Me and my boyfriend had been toying with the idea of getting a cat for months, and over lockdown we decided that we would want this to happen by the end of the year. We absolutely adored the idea of having a new addition to the household by Christmas. We’re both total cat people, and came from cat-homes. So in this respect we were confident about our ability to care for and give a cat a loving, happy forever home. I have always liked the idea of adopting from a rescue centre. Growing up my family adopted two gorgeous silver tabby cats from a rescue centre and I loved knowing that we had given them a safe, happy environment to grow up in. I knew I wanted to do the same. 

After a few google searches, I came across the Yorkshire Cat Rescue website, and had a browse about the process of adopting a cat or kitten, and particularly, whether this was still possible in current circumstances of the pandemic. To our delight it was! The centre was closed, however you could browse available cats and kittens online, and these were reserved if you expressed your interest. It took us a couple of weeks of checking every single day but eventually we saw our Sally’s face and knew she was the one we wanted to bring home. She was just 12 weeks old when we reserved her. She’s now just over 14 weeks!

I will admit that I was nervous about not having met her in person before hand. It was simply a matter of looking at a photo of her online, to then her being a part of our family. But for us, it couldn’t have worked out more perfectly. She is exactly what we were looking for in a cat and she fits with us so well. The centre gives a good description of the cats personality type on the website, and in the pre-adoption interview it will establish whether they are a suitable fit for you. So it’s not a total blind date. 

The adoption process was really simple and well-planned, and I can’t praise enough the organisation of the centre in processing adoptions so well in these times. We had a pre-adoption interview and had some paperwork to sort, but it wasn’t long before we were able to schedule a collection date and time. Since the actual centre is closed, kittens were sent out to foster homes to be cared for, where they would remain until they had been reserved and an adoption scheduled. Once scheduled, the kittens would be brought to the centre where they would be picked up by their new owners. 

To adhere with social distancing guidelines, we never stepped a toe into the centre. On collection date little Sally was passed at the gate, and then once we had returned home with her, we had the adoption meeting with the centre over the phone. All kittens come vaccinated and spayed / neutered so we had absolutely no stress. She was due her second vaccination the week after we brought her home, but this was covered by a voucher pre-paid for by the centre. None of this I was expecting so I was absolutely thrilled. It meant we could focus all our time on getting her settled. 

Our Experience of Adopting a Kitten from a Rescue Centre

She’s doing really well, has settled into her new home well, and we couldn’t be happier to have her as part of our family! 

Have you ever thought about adopting a pet? Or if you have, I’d love to hear about your experience. 

Shelley x

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  1. October 20, 2020 / 1:51 pm

    She is adorable! So glad you had such a good experience with the adoption too and the centre seemed amazing. x

    • onlyshelley
      October 20, 2020 / 2:51 pm

      Isn’t she just, she’s such a lovely kitten. They were, I was so impressed with them!

      Shelley x

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