How to Throw A Perfect Date Night In

How to Throw A Perfect Date Night InHaving regular date nights with your partner, and changing up what you do helps keep things fun, exciting, and allows you to connect in new ways. But a date night doesn’t always have to be going out somewhere – there’s plenty of at home date night ideas. Over the lockdown months of the pandemic, at home date  nights were key to give me something to look forward to and break up the eat, sleep, work, repeat routine. But even now, I enjoy a date night in just as much as going out. Here’s some of my favourite date night in ideas.

Go ‘Dressy’

Just because you’re not leaving the house, it doesn’t mean you can’t still make that effort and go dressy for date night. Of course it’s equally fine to rock your comfy clothes, but personally I love the ritual of getting a bit more dressed up.

Homemade Cocktails

Who says you need to be at a bar to have a fabulous cocktail? Get yourself some fancy glasses, look up the ingredients for your favourite cocktail, and make your own! My favourite is an Espresso Martini. If that’s your bag, all you need is – 50ml coffee, 50ml vanilla vodka & 50ml of kahlua, a shaker and hey presto!

Cook A Favourite Food

I must admit it’s more my boyfriend than me who is the chef in this household, but cooking a meal together (more me assisting) is a fun activity to do together. For an at home date night we’d like to do make a little more exciting and really treat ourselves to a delicious meal.

Listen to Music Together

Sitting down together with a drink, and having a good chat whilst listening to music is something I love to do at home. We love our vinyl in this house – listening to your favourite bands with good company and good conversation is so simple yet so great.

Do a Quiz Together

Throughout the lockdown months, doing quizzes at home was something I did in the lack of a pub quiz. But it’s actually a great idea for a date night in. There’s countless quizzes you can access online on a range of topics – and is fun to do together.

How do you like to spend an at home date night?

Shelley x

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